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Obama's long form birth certificate was a forgery


Obama's long form birth certificate was a forgery

In April 2011, President Barack Obama sought to put end to rumors claiming that he was not a natural-born citizen of the United States by obtaining and releasing a copy of his long form birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii.

Officials from that state certified that the copy of the certificate they provided to President Obama was authentic. As they had with the Certification of Live Birth made public by the Obama campaign in June 2008, birthers immediately claimed that the long form birth certificate was also a forgery.

Obama's long form birth certificate was a forgery


Ronald Jay Polland
But Obama cannot be president.  He is an imposter and usurper who refuses to provide any concrete evidence of his born identity, his birthplace, his citizenship, his parents' names and citizenship, or his own eligibility.  If these were made public, they would prove that Obama is usurping the office he now holds.

More than a year has passed since this article was posted, and Obama is still the President of the United States and will be delivering the State of the Union Address later this month. And there have not even been calls for an investigation of Obama's birth certificate or Obama's place of birth by members of the US Congress. That is in part due to the fact that birthers are lying when they claim that Obama's birth certificate was forged (What else would you expect birthers to do??) and Obama really was born in Hawaii as his birth certificate and the confirmation of the officials of BOTH parties and the Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 all show.

The March "Cold Case Posse" investigation of Barack Obama's birth certificate conducted by Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio produced no new evidence demonstrating that document to be a forgery; that entity's report by Mara Zebest simply recycled old arguments that had long since been thoroughly debunked in detail. Likewise, a July 2012 announcement from Sheriff Arpaio repeated more rumors that had already been debunked.

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Marilynn May
Marilynn May 31 January 15 01:17 You don't hide stuff if you have nothing to hide.

Hiding a birth certificate and college transcripts and all sorts of papers is in itself already reason enough not to trust this man.
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Amberlynn 31 January 15 01:24 The two Obama Hawaiian Birth Certificates are different and both are forgeries. Why did the DNC wait to reliese the second document in April 2011 to please Donald Trump? Text hided expand
Phebe Paul
Phebe Paul 31 January 15 01:27 Remember it was Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democratic Party that stated under oath that Obama met the constitutional requirements to be President of the United States. Text hided expand
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