Did the Jews Kill Jesus?

Christians have often persecuted Jews for being “Christ-killers.” This goes far beyond name-calling—it has included economic penalties, violence and even murder, in the name of taking revenge for the death of Jesus.


Joseph Tkach
Christians should love the Jews and want them to be saved, just as Paul did

Seija Künzig
If, as all the Christians believe and propagate, Jesus came to die, why then accuse and blame Judas for betraying and the Jews for killing him???? Shouldn’t they instead receive some regognition for the heroic deed for killing the Messiah, so that he could fulfill his mission he came for?

Karen Kauder
I'm confused why repeating/believing what is written in the sacred book of one religion must automatically be perceived as anti-semitism by another? Believing that some of the Jews of that time assisted in getting Jesus crucified does not translate to "hater of all/everything Jewish". In fact, most Christians I've known who do believe the Gospels implication of Jewish in order to satisfy some ancient prophesy, also refer to Jewish people as the "chosen" people - top of the pecking order in their god's list of preferred created people.
I am bothered that anti-Semitism claims have been increasingly used to assault others and cause harm to them. I'm atheist, so I don't believe ANY religions have it right, but I still endorse their right to believe it without calling them racist names.

This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops

Check it out folks!!!! Sometimes, a picture/s is worth a thousand words. This is THE LAW. And this is why, when the shit hits the fan, these people will be the first to die.



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