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Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.

Illuminati insert symbols in movies, TV and other Media


Illuminati insert symbols in movies, TV and other Media

News on TV lie to you all the time. The Illuminati have been able to achieve high-efficiency in programming mind-controlled victim via symbols inserted in popular media.


Movies and television programs use what is called predictive programming to program us by using fiction and the power of suggestion to create a desired outcome. It is life imitating art.

Tom A. Hidell
Traditionally, symbols are used to convey complex information in a simple matter. (i.e. No smoking sign, Stop sign) However, in the case of the Illuminati and other societies, it’s not always so simple.

FixedByDoc OffGrid
I don't believe in gods and satans but if you want to then go ahead. there are satan believers out there who want to use there religion to destroy the world and there are Christian ones as well who are destroying the world and muslim ones and others..

Published by , 21.01.2015 at 23:09
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Phebe Paul
Phebe Paul 23 January 15 00:37 Maybe if christians weren't so fucking crazy, lunatics, paranoid about EVERYTHING fucking gay-bashing everyone (cough west boro church) they wouldn't be taking away praying and all that shit. blame yourselves you give yourselves a bad name.  Text hided expand
John Ellis
John Ellis 24 January 15 00:47 Any form of fear is work of "satan" if you will. And the Christianity is full of fear. All religions are full of fear to control the masses.. They are all part of the "satans" work. Text hided expand
Marilynn May
Marilynn May 24 January 15 00:54 Satan has everyone fooled, it's the Great Deception of ALL TIME, in that good vs. evil, Text hided expand
Kenneth Murphy
Kenneth Murphy 24 January 15 18:09 Satan is just another metaphor for your ego. Ego is based on fear, out of fear, only chaos rises. Text hided expand
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