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Catholicism Pope Francis Embraces CHRISLAM: false God Allah

This shows how the pope is willing to distort the very Scriptures to please false gods. I am not a Catholic but am a disciple of Christ here to speak the Truth as many of you out there know it is time to make sure our house is in order for the Lord's return.

We need to be clothed in the Holy Spirit not wasting time because time is short. The world is heating up. A massive influx of evil and the enemy has using the Muslim people to do his evil. We as Christians need to stand firm in Faith in prayer and in our walk.

Look up CNN and psalm 83 which was found in the ground on copper dating back some time. The message is about the fate of the u.s due to turning away from God. Read it for yourself and always do your homework.

God bless all in peace love n hope who walk in the name of Christ our Lord.

Catholicism Pope Francis Embraces CHRISLAM: false God Allah

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