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How Illuminati Give Signal To The Next Plans

Thanks to the Illuminati, the people conspiring together to make you their slave; their goal of a New World Order is almost accomplished and is shown in the card below and in the ones following, illustrating how they have gotten control over each area of your everyday life in order to indoctrinate everyone into accepting their control and all sorts of evil ways.

How Illuminati Give Signal To The Next Plans


People are soooo stupid.
They won't bother to stop the NWO until it is too late.

So they are basically revealing their plans to evryone, but what i don t understand is how people call me crazy when i show them things like this. Its clearly showing and predicting alot of things that have happned, nd after all that everybody just says there just coincedences. How can ppl be so blind? And this question is completely out of the subject but arent you worried that the illuminati is observing what you post on this website? I mean you are setting a positive influence for people nd your exposing everything nd almost everyone who has sumthing to do with these people. Dont you think at some point they might try to get to you somehow?! But aside all that thanks for the info, stay safe my brother, peace.

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