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The Truth About Genetically Modified Food

Allowing anti-GMO activists to dictate policymaking on biotechnology is like putting homeopaths in charge of the health service, or asking anti-vaccine campaigners to take the lead in eradicating polio. Such irrational policymaking has led to unnecessary deaths, as when thousands died because the president of Zambia believed the lies of Western environmental groups that genetically modified corn provided by the World Food Program was somehow poisonous.

The Truth About Genetically Modified Food


It’s very hard for me to even think that an anti-GMO activist would do this, I would think the last thing they would want would be GMO anything growing anywhere.
It’s more likely that this is how Monsanto operates, so they think everyone else should be like them.

David Lampert
Contrails are the wispy white clouds of frozen water vapor that streak across the sky in the wake of jet engines. But according to 17 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds—my generation—contrails are actually “chemtrails,” poisonous chemicals sprayed by the government for sinister reasons.

Betty Rinderknecht
If GMO crops are grown from seeds that have been genetically altered to kill insect pest (they probably kill the predators who naturally fight the bad guys, so that must mean as I have read that evem more pesticide has to be used, not less.

  And those seeds are also modified to contain herbicides, which also means more weed killer has to b applied.  Would the writer of this long article drink a cocktail of herbicide and pesticide with his dinner? So label foods if they contain GMO ingredients so those of us who choose not to consume poison with our corn flakes can avoid such products.  If you don’t care what poisons are in your food, you are free to do that .

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