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2015 Predictions: End Of The World Conspiracy Theories Trends

End of the world conspiracy theories are apparently taking a hint from Hollywood. If you can’t come up with something original, might as well do a remake. This year, the predictions for 2015 seem to focus on the apocalypse prophesied by Nostradamus, and even the Mayan calendar is getting its sequel.

2015 Predictions: End Of The World Conspiracy Theories Trends


Spinel Jlm
there are signs to come,, b4 the end of the world according to prophesis..... and i believe therethe end of the world.... mankind must b ready the impact of the end of the world...

Patrick Frye
The good news is that Nostradamus’ 2015 prophecies also mention that the differences between languages will disappear. Does this mean a universal translator like in Star Trek? It’s also claimed human beings will learn how to talk to animals, which should thrill vegans and PETA.

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