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Light Bulb Conspiracy

The light bulb conspiracy is a theory that the leading manufacturers of incandescent light bulbs have conspired to keep the lifetime of their bulbs far below. On 23 December 1924, a group of leading international businessmen gathered in Geneva for a meeting that would alter the world for decades to come. As revelers hung Christmas lights elsewhere in the city, the group founded the Phoebus cartel, a supervisory body that would carve up the worldwide incandescent lightbulb market, with each national and regional zone assigned its own manufacturers and production quotas.

Light Bulb Conspiracy


Mark Kamphuis
The headphones that my uncle bought back in the 1970's still work phenominally well to today the day whilst the apple earpods I bought a few weeks ago already gives no sound anymore from one side.

Margret Jaimes
Everything produced should, by law, have instruction on how it should be recycled when it eventually wears out, can not be repaired or is not wanted.
Also, why not give work to those who can do repairs during the life of an item.

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