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Are Aliens Always Evil?

Are aliens always evil? In the context of early-1900s science fiction, perhaps. But we're not referring to little green men; we're talking about earthly species outside their native habitats.
According to Dr. Ken Thompson, a widely published ecologist based out of the University of Sheffield, it's often assumed that alien invaders are nothing but trouble, killing off helpless natives, reducing overall biodiversity, and destroying ecosystems. But on closer analysis, stock assertions like these tend not to be entirely true.

Are Aliens Always Evil?


with all the information out there im confused. come someone please tell me who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?
i heard the greys and the green lizards are bad and that the nordic looking Aliens are good. is that true?

many invasive species are not bad, and some are even good for native environments. But that doesn't mean all big examples of invasive species are overhyped.

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