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    The Lord come to save me before it was to late! So grateful! Hallelujah! Never felt so much love in my life! GLOBAL EVENT: BLO...
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    From much study and research into this global situation, I believe this video has much documented fact, a minuscule o...Vladimir Putin Il...
  • Phebe Paul
    Imagine having ability's to communicate across the planet without a cell phone, to travel without cars or planes, etc...Cyborgs among us



Illuminati's New world order plans includes the setting of martial law. Also the secret society doesn't want the Islam to spread all over the world.


Spectacular Spider-Man
Good. You degenerate race of fucks don't deserve free will! The Illuminati deserves you. You should be excited that you will soon be slaves for me & the rest of my fellow Freemasions! NEW WORLD ORDER!!! HAIL SATAN!!!

It is getting late to prepare mentally and ultimately to physically come out of Babylon when Yah/God makes a way to do so.  The Ebola scare should be a wake up as well, along with the rise of Putin and the Russian Federation in the Ukraine.  There really is a lot going on in the world today and you must draw close to Yah/God and seek His will for you, NOW.

The twelve year old was not ask to raise his hands that is a lie, I watched the video the cops drove up on him car still moving when 1 officer was already firing his weapon while coming out of the moving vehicle. This boy didn't have a chance, This was disgraceful !!! What we were told on the news was the officers were in fear for their lives !!! My question is why did they come flying in on him right in front of him shooting from a moving car if they were in fear for their lives ?

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