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Ministry of Endowments warns against ‘Baha’i threat’

According to the ministry, the workshop comes in the context of “maintaining the Islamic constants and foundations in the face of deviant thoughts that destroy the minds of young people”. Unlike Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, the Baha’i faith is not recognised as a “heavenly religion” in the Egyptian constitution.

Ministry of Endowments warns against ‘Baha’i threat’


Terry Melanson.
All the main religions of the world (by design) are losing their credibility day by day. One of the reason is that none of them is ‘universal‘ enough to be embraced by all the Earthlings. Each religion is stuck (by their own doings) in geographic and ethnicity in its forms and rituals, and as such became difficult & cumbersome for others to integrate into its peculiarities. Christianity is too Western, Islam is every inch Arabic, Judaism is too Israelitish and so forth.

What about Baha’i? Well…if you study it, it is UNIVERSAL in design.

Yes, many prayers say that, and many followers of religion praise it! For example, Islam literally means "submission to the Will of God". Many other religions have this same principle. Not only do some Baha'i prayers end with such thoughts, but it is the main focus of the entire prayer (the short obligatory prayer's main idea is this principle of utter nothingness.


Alex B
Vladimir Lenin once said that a lie told often enough becomes truth. If one takes a look at the way Bahá'ís have been viewed and treated by their adversaries, particularly Muslim clerics from Shaykh Fazlollah Nuri to Falsafi to Dorri-Najafabadi and other leaders of the current Iranian regime, they will see an unfortunate truth to Lenin's assertion.

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