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    The Lord come to save me before it was to late! So grateful! Hallelujah! Never felt so much love in my life! GLOBAL EVENT: BLO...
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    From much study and research into this global situation, I believe this video has much documented fact, a minuscule o...Vladimir Putin Il...
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    Imagine having ability's to communicate across the planet without a cell phone, to travel without cars or planes, etc...Cyborgs among us

The Chinese Conspiracy

The Chinese Conspiracy

What if all forms of electronic communications and computer controls were "shut down" at once? This is exactly the frightening prospect posed by John Mariotti's new novel, The Chinese Conspiracy. The U. S. government is temporarily helpless, as panic spreads. Evil forces are using global extortion to exact a frightening toll.


Aq Zing
6:48 Japan's trying to gather Asian countries to contain CHina will definitely fail because of what Japan did to the other Asian countries during WWII

Sandra Stiles
In the tradition of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn thrillers, Mariotti weaves a contemporary story of cyber-terrorism, plant closings and the human reactions that result. The Chinese Conspiracy may keep you up all night--and it will certainly have you reaching for the phone or e-mail to contact loved ones--if anything still works!

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