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Electronic banking conspiracy

The Electronic Banking Conspiracy Theory establishes the belief in a New World Order where there is a secret group aiming to reach world domination- even if it means destruction of the world as we know it. The secret group remains unnamed but there are other theories surrounding which group is actually behind the plan.

Electronic banking conspiracy


Quantum leap
What most people don't know is that several hundred years in the future someone develops time travel and returns to the middle ages to form secret societies to create one world order. The inform the secret order about the coming of paper money and eventually virtual currency and the power grid failure solution. The breakdown of our known social and financial order is near and we can do nothing about it. What really pisses me off is that some ultra rich and powerful dude is sitting in the future living the life on my electronically direct deposited pay check. At least that what I am going to tell the cable company when they come to shut my TV off Monday because my e-check bounced.

However, if the international bankers are few in number, do they have the man power, not just the technological power, needed? Theorists believe that they do, otherwise there wouldn’t be a threat.

But since these secret groups of international bankers have yet to be proven or revealed, questions still remain as to whether or not the theory is true or plausible.

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