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1985 NBA Draft Lottery To Olympics To Game-Fixing ... Which Conspiracy Theory Can You Believe?

Did NBA commissioner David Stern orchestrate it so that the Knicks would be in the position to draft Patrick Ewing, thus rejuvenating basketball in the league’s biggest market? Plenty of skeptics have suggested a frozen or bent envelope with the Knicks card inside it was inserted into the big plastic cylinder prior to the 1985 lottery draw. It’s hard to see any evidence of malfeasance in the video, but that hasn’t stopped the questions.

1985 NBA Draft Lottery To Olympics To Game-Fixing ... Which Conspiracy Theory Can You Believe?


David Smith
Seriously? I read that whole mess waiting for something resembling a smoking gun. Nothing. Sure there are gambling connections, big money involvement, powerful and unscrupulous characters... Just like in real life. Other than the Omega rep admitting a Phelps fix (if that's even true) I was waiting to read about some sort of real evidence. Instead, it was just nothing. Life. Reality with an attempt at influence. But no real devious smoking gun conspiracies were exposed.

With the 2011 Draft finally at hand, these familiar themes are once again grabbing our attention. Is BYU’s Jimmer Freddette the next Adam Morrison or the second coming of Pistol Pete Maravich? Did Commissioner Stern help Cleveland land the top pick to help them recover from James’ departure?

Will Minnesota make another draft day maneuver that leaves us scratching our heads?

not like this even mattered, the Knicks didn't win any titles when Ewing was on the team lmfaoooo.  Lol man the Knicks are horrible, even if they get the #1 pick

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