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The Mystery of Martin Bormann's Demise

After World War II, most of the Nazi leadership had either been captured, killed, committed suicide, or were otherwise accounted for. Bormann's status was, however, unknown. He had been in Berlin during its fall but his body had not been found and he had not been apprehended.

The Mystery of Martin Bormann's Demise


Imre Karacs
long search for the elusive Martin Bormann is over. Using DNA analysis, German and Swiss scientists have established that a skeleton dug up in Berlin in 1972 is indeed Bormann's. Hitler's deputy - or, in Goering's words "that filthy swine" - may now rest in peace.

Chris Quinn
Erich Kempka, Bormann's personal chauffeur, testified that he saw Bormann engulfed in flames beside the tank and speculated that he must have perished

Carmelo Lisciotto
With no evidence sufficient to confirm Bormann's death, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg tried Bormann in absentia in October 1946 and sentenced him to death.

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