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Masons and the New World Order

One of the most popular targets for conspiracy theories has long been Masonic Lodges and their administrative organizations. Masonry has at various times been viciously attacked for promoting subversive, anti-Christian and other nasty ideas.

Masons and the New World Order


Austin Cline
As bizarre as all of that sounds, it must first be kept in mind that American politics has, since the very beginning, been characterized by a deep mistrust of politicians, governments of all sorts, and even the political process itself. It is not without strong justification that American politics has been labeled a paranoid style of politics.

Jay Tolson
The 1820s looked as though they would be the best of times for the special relationship between the fraternal order of Freemasonry and the young American nation. It wasn't just because so many prominent members of the founding generation--George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and indeed 13 of the 39 signers of the Constitution--had been members.

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