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Is Benedict XVI the REAL pope?

When Benedict XVI stunned Catholics by announcing that he would become the first pope in six centuries to resign, it immediately raised concerns - which were dismissed just as quickly - that an ex-pope around could undermine the legitimacy of the new pontiff.

Is Benedict XVI the REAL pope?


Rugs Haase
Carlos the US media is full of innuendo half truths and gossip. They look for scandal when there is none. Yes long live Papa Francisco.

Tom More
Not troubling at all. Profound humility before God. So unselfish. God bless him and I thank him for the wonderful work he did and the renewal his daring and courageous humility set the stage for. Wonderful pope.

Connor Adams Sheets
Catholicism has long been the target of rumors that it is a key player in a wide-ranging conspiracy that alleges that there is a global organization of powerful elites called the Illuminati that controls world events and is working to establish a New World Order government to rule the world.

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