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Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy

Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy

The militant homosexual discourse, both right and left, advances the elimination of nations by identifying gays with the One World Order. LGBT are strongly involved in undermining the notion of family, homeland, and the roots of Christianity


Betty Bowers
As every Christian knows, there is only one enemy that threatens our entire civilization. And I am, of course, not talking about Satan. I'm talking about those damned homosexuals! Yes, they give otherwise dull hair radiant highlights and our imperfect décor those fabulous flourishes that elude our more predictable heterosexual sensibilities, but at what price? In exchange for a little panache, we allow homosexuals to steal our children and destroy our Christian marriages. And how do they do this? With their secret masterplan -- The Homosexual Agenda!

Liberals are moronic thinking that people can't see the double entendre in this movie. The victim mentality, isolation for being different are simply borrowed themes from the whole contrived gay culture - gloss coated with a little supernatural "powers" theme to throw off people with enough courage to call this "prog" trash what it is: liberal agenda to turn your kids gay friendly with plausible deniability.

Henry Makow
I have seen with my own eyes how things like pedophilia, carnal abuse of teenage girls and boys, bisexual encounters and adultery are used in Washington, DC to entrap, extort and blackmail leaders in Congress, the White House, federal agencies, mainline lobbyists, insiders, etc.

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